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Our Services

Committed to quality customer service through professional excellence

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CoTs has a wide range of experience and a proven track record in application development and integrated solutions management across a wide variety of organizations. We are fully committed to making the customer’s mission our mission, no matter the size or complexity of the solution that is required.  As a result, our teams have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to successfully facilitate all of the planning, executing, and management functions required for these projects. We believe in collaborative, cooperative, and concurrent teamwork to deliver responsive and compliant solutions, and leverage our experience to minimize the risks in terms of continuity of operations and cost realism for our customers. We take a holistic approach to our application development projects, using great care to identify all of the inputs that will be required and to establish the appropriate roll-out schedules for a phased design, development, implementation, and integration. We are also cognizant of system support and sustainment needs, being conscious of the sensitivities that can occur when migrating users to the new systems environments.

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Maintaining professional excellence and integrity, CoTs provides quality IT Infrastructure solutions and services to Government agencies and other customers at fair and reasonable prices. As a partner for innovative IT solutions that works to improve mission accomplishment, we are committed to working with agencies and stakeholders to develop efficient, effective, and customer-centric solutions. Using proven best practices incorporating IEEE/EIA 12207 and ISO-9001:2015 standards, as well as SEI CMMI models, we deliver quality services across the following cross-functional disciplines: enterprise architecture and strategies; custom applications development and maintenance; systems integration; web solutions; site operations and maintenance; network engineering, administration, and maintenance; systems and software engineering; three-tier help desk services; and end-user training.

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CoTs provides comprehensive executive and program management support from strategic planning to enterprise operations. CoTs difference is that we don't abandon the customer after recommending the solution. Our solutions are scalable. We are prepared to work side-by-side with the customer from initial assessments and recommendations through implementation, sustainment of operations, evaluation of results, and continuous process improvement.


CoTs enterprise operations services include helping customers identify and achieve near, mid, and long-term goals and objectives. Our services include:

  • Enterprise process improvement solutions, policy, and planning support

  • Concept of operations development, complex business assessments, knowledge management, risk analysis, and recommendations

  • Impact analyses, technical studies, technology insertion assessments, security assessments, disaster recovery, and continuity of operations studies

  • Analyses, documentation imaging, and administrative support


We utilize strategic measurements to center attention on areas that can have the most impact on results. Our proven process addresses personnel staffing issues, business and financial processes, contractual matters, and technology issues related to functional support areas. Our enterprise operations experts identify strengths and weaknesses up-front by analyzing and assessing the organization, including staffing, operational procedures, career development and training, and workload accomplishment and reporting.​

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