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Help Centers

CoTs operates a centralized Help Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) for our DOT customers and corporate services. Centralized information and connectivity resources improve response capability and efficiency at reduced cost per facility. Formal operating procedures, help desk management software, and management oversight provide for flexible resource allocation, which brings to bear a broader field of expertise and experience, enables more rapid problem resolution and delivers greater coverage of customer calls, feedback tickets, and trouble reports. Integrated facilities with distributed Disaster Prevention and Recovery facilities and Plans yield better capability to surge for unexpected requirements. The CoTs Help Desk operates in accordance with "best industry practices" for three-tier multi-channel and multi-media response systems. This multi-level analytical approach embraces escalation for expertise, on an as-needed basis. The alternative feedback media include but are not limited to telephone, e-mail, facsimile, interactive web, and walk-in contacts. Automated voice response, level 0 with no analysis required for resolution, and integrated telephony reduce labor and provide for metrics collection. Automated call escalation and tracking, matrix-organized second and third level support services, and integrated continuous process improvement initiatives yield award-winning customer service.

The following is a list of the Help Center services that we provide:

  • Safety Violation Hotline (SVH)
  • House Hold Goods (HHG) Complaint Hotline
  • Hours-of-Service (HOS) Help Line
  • SAFER Help Desk - Public
  • MCS-150/150A Help Desk
  • Company Safety Profile (CSP) Help Desk
  • Licensing and Insurance (L&I) Help Desk
  • Biennial 150 Help Desk
  • Cargo Tank Registration (CTR) Help Desk
  • FMCSA Document Management System (DMS) Help Desk
  • FMCSA Information Help Desk (Public and Government)
  • FMCSA NAFTA Help Desk
  • PBGC Customer Contact Center (CCC)
  • Arms Control
  • HUD SFIOD Support Service Center (SSC)
  • HUD FHA Call Management Center (CMC)
  • HUD FHA Home Equity Reverse Mortgage Information Technology (HERMIT)
  • CoTs Corporate Help Desk
  • CoTs Information Technology Group (ITG) Help Desk


Call Centers & Help Desks
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