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Enterprise Operations

CoTs provides comprehensive executive and program management support from strategic planning to enterprise operations. The CoTs difference is that we don't abandon the customer after recommending the solution. Our solutions are scalable. We are prepared to work side-by-side with the customer all the way from initial assessments and recommendations through implementation, sustainment of operations, evaluation of results, and continuous process improvement.

CoTs enterprise operations services include helping customers identify and achieve near, mid-, and long-term goals and objectives. Our services include enterprise process improvement (EPI) solutions, policy and planning support, concepts of operations (ConOps) development, complex business assessments, knowledge management, risk analysis and recommendations, impact analyses, technical studies, technology insertion assessments, security assessments, disaster recovery and continuity of operations studies and analyses, documentation imaging, and administrative support.

We utilize strategic measurement to center attention on areas that can have the most impact on results. Our proven process addresses personnel staffing issues, business and financial processes, contractual matters, and technology issues related to functional support areas. Our enterprise operations experts identify strengths and weaknesses up-front by analyzing and assessing the organization including staffing, operational procedures, career development and training, and workload accomplishment and reporting.


Enterprise Operations
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